The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) was founded in 1984 in New Delhi with the vision to spearhead heritage awareness and conservation in India. Today INTACH is recognized as one of the world’s largest heritage organizations, with over 190 Chapters across the Country. In the past 31 years, INTACH has pioneered the conservation and preservation of not just our natural and built heritage but intangible heritage as well. Headquartered in New Delhi, it operates through various divisions such as Architectural Heritage, Natural Heritage, Material Heritage, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Heritage Education and Communication Services (HECS), Crafts and Community Cell, Chapters, INTACH Heritage Academy, Heritage Tourism, Listing Cell and Library, Archives and Documentation Centre.

Our Logo

The INTACH Logo, based on the anthropomorphic copper figure from Shahabad, Uttar Pradesh, belonging to the enigmatic Copper Hoards of the Ganga Valley is the perceived brand image of INTACH. The classic simplicity and vitality of its lines make it a striking example of primitive man’s creative genius. (circa 1800-1700 BC.)

INTACH Structure

The affairs of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage are carried out by the Governing Council (GC) and the Executive committee (EC). The Chairman and the members of the Governing Council are elected through postal ballot system by the General Body at the time of its AGM from amongst the members having voting rights. The Governing Council will not have less than 11 members and not more than 42 members. The tenure of each elected member including the Chairman is 3 years from the date of the election. The outgoing members shall be eligible for re-election.

The Governing Council shall elect a Vice-Chairman from amongst the members of the Governing Council. The tenure is 3 years or co-terminus with the term as a member of Governing Council, whichever is earlier.

The Executive Committee shall consist of 9 members Chairman, Vice Chairman Member Secretary and Six members elected by the Governing Council from amongst its members provided that one of them should have expertise in legal matters and another in financial affairs and they should be able to advise the Committee in such matters. The tenure of the members of the EC shall be 3 years but shall be eligible for re-election, maximum 3 times.

Member Secretary (MS), INTACH as Ex-officio member with voting rights. MS shall enjoy all powers, rights and privileges as any other member Governing council (GC) and the Executive committee (EC). Member Secretary is appointed by the GC on recommendations of the EC for a period of 03 years and eligible for re-appointment. MS is responsible and accountable for proper management of the Trust and shall function under the directions of the Executive Committee.

INTACH Udaipur Chapter | Team

Dr B. P. Bhatnagar


INTACH, Udaipur Chapter

Gaurav Singhvi


INTACH, Udaipur Chapter